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Farm Fresh Produce, Guaranteed!!!

Farm Fresh Produce, Guaranteed!!!

Farm Fresh Produce, Guaranteed!!!Farm Fresh Produce, Guaranteed!!!

Terms and Conditions, 2020 Season


First, thank you for your support! We can’t do this without you.


This page contains information about how this works. It’s all the legal, special, and informative things you need to know prior to paying for the year (the fine print). It is your responsibility to be familiar with the FAQs and these terms and conditions. If you have any questions, email us and we will help you.

Please be sure to add hinesff@yahoo.com to your trusted senders list, since we do send out bulk emails through an email program. Occasionally some email providers send it to the spam folder. We will send out a test email to your email address prior to season starting.

We have two options for getting you the produce. You can have it delivered one day each week to your house or place of business, or you can pick up on the farm in Greenhill on the designated day in which you agree to pick up. We do have certain areas that we cover for delivery purposes, and we must verify your location prior to you signing up. Generally speaking, we cover most of the following cities and towns: Florence, Rogersville, Lexington, Killen, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, and St. Joe TN. All addresses must be verified with us as it is not economical for us to drive unreasonable distances that result in long drive times for one or two box deliveries each week.

Although we anticipate having a large selection of crops, we cannot plant certain varieties for just one or two people. The varieties of all our crops that we plan on growing will be purchased prior to the start of the season, and generally we do not place any additional seed orders unless we lose major amounts due to weather, vandalism, insects, animals, other pests, or Acts of God.


This is a farm. We cannot control everything. Mother Nature is in charge. We will do everything physically possible to provide all the produce we have listed on our Frequently Asked Questions list, but we make no guarantee, warranty, or promise of anything, either verbally or in writing. Acts of God, storms, vandalism, pests, diseases, animals, etc are out of our control and may result in crop loss. On the flip side, there may be some crops that produce a bumper crop each season. You may receive more of some items because of this. 

This is a seasonal, local plan. You may not receive every item you would like at exactly the same time because some crops are not in season while others are. There are many available growing charts online that you can look up. We fall into USDA Grow Zone 7B, but some charts only break it down into Grow Zone 7. These charts give you a general idea of what is normally available during certain months, with variances given of up to a month to account for localized weather conditions.

We also will offer additional boxes of produce that are typically canned, pickled, etc to our season participants if available throughout the season for a reduced amount than typical retail prices.


You will receive a weekly email with basic information about how the farm is doing, possibly a recipe or two especially on the very unique items we offer, and an update on crop status as needed. We will also email you if there will be a change in anything related to the delivery. In the event a weekly delivery is cancelled due to weather for one day (i.e. we cannot harvest due to storms), you will receive a “make-up” box on one of the following weeks in addition to the current week’s box. If the entire week’s deliveries cannot be made due to weather or any external factor beyond our control, a week will be added at the end of the season.


No refunds will be issued for any reason once the season starts. However, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason. Once you have paid in full prior to the start of season, you will receive 13 total boxes of deliveries or pick ups on the farm, depending on your plan. If you move outside the delivery area or are unable to complete your delivery season for whatever reason, you may sell your remaining amount to someone who is in the delivery area, or they may pick up the boxes on the farm. You may also inform us that you wish to donate your remaining portion to families who are in need, and we will accommodate your request. We are independent of any selling of the season plan and the money exchange has nothing to do with us. Before doing any kind of sell of your season, you must inform us the name, address, and email address of the person you wish to sell it to so we can verify they are within the delivery scope.

We cannot customize every box. There are over a hundred of you, and only one of me. If you absolute do not want a particular item, please inform us as soon as possible so we can add a note to your account to omit that item, although there may be times you still receive it simply because we may forget as we are packing all the boxes.

If there is a dispute over quality, quantity, or of any other nature, you must give us a chance to rectify the situation first. The easiest way to do this, is to send us an email. We will contact you and attempt to resolve any issues. Do not wait until the end of season and say you received something bad at the beginning of season. At that point, we have no way of fixing it. If you feel we have not resolved it properly, a neutral third party mediator may be requested and their decision will be final.


We cannot replace your order if it is delivered to you, and then subsequently damaged, destroyed, or stolen by any weather, animal or human. When we receive your address for delivery, we will ask for exact location on the property you want it left. We accept no liability for it once it has arrived to where you request it. We will knock on the door or ring the doorbell if you wish, otherwise we will leave it where you ask.


We use seeds from reliable seed companies that state they are non-gmo. No seeds will ever enter the farm with us knowing they are gmo. Most varieties we grow are heirloom. They taste better, they grow better, and they have stood the test of time.


The word organic is controlled by the federal government. We are not certified organic, and make no claims that we are. However, we use approved pesticides suitable for organic production. Fertilizers for over 90% of the farm also fall into the suitable for organic/naturally grown category. Herbicides are only used in non crop areas, such as around our buildings, farm equipment, and fence rows. Non organic fungicide, insecticide, or miticide may be used as a last resort to save a crop from total loss. It will only be used when organic qualified pesticides fail, or when a major financial loss would occur without its use. We eat every vegetable we grow and will never use anything that we wouldn’t feed our children.


All produce will arrive as fresh as we can get it. Some produce may be initially rinsed, dried, and chilled as needed to preserve taste and quality, however most produce will arrive in an unwashed state. Regardless of how it gets to you, none of the produce is considered table ready. You are responsible for washing and preparing the produce before consumption. If you have questions about how to wash and store, please email or message us and we will send you instructions on how to care for your veggies. None of our produce is treated with any chemical that would prolong it’s self life, and is best eaten fresh, or prepared correctly for canning or freezing. Fresh produce does not last forever. It is highly recommended that you leave a cooler with ice at your delivery spot if you are not home during the day time. Typically deliveries begin around 11:00am and continue until 7:00pm, with certain exceptions such as storms, traffic, etc. Fresh produce sitting in the sun all day will shorten the shelf life of most items, particularly the fall items such as greens, cabbages, broccoli, etc.

Plan pricing is broken down on our facebook page posts, individual emails, and our website.

How to pay: You may pay with cash in person, check in person or through the mail, or credit card that will be invoiced to you through Square Credit Card Processing company. Checks must be made payable to Amy Hines. 

Occasionally we may anticipate a crop coming in, and post about it for purchase as an individual item in addition to your weekly box. In the event that something happens to that particular item that week, we will notify you through email that the item you paid for may be delayed for a week or more. If the item is no longer available from a total destruction of crop, you will be given the option to receive a refund for that item only or to apply the amount towards another item. Here is an example: Sally pays for a ½ bushel of pickling cucumbers on Sunday the week of her delivery. However, on Tuesday when the crop is harvested, we find that worms have eaten holes into the cucumbers. Sally will be given the option to wait a week for a new round to produce, apply the amount paid towards different items, or be refunded for that purchase of cucumbers only.


It comes down to us having a great working relationship with you. We want to be your go to neighborhood farmer for all your produce needs. We want to get to know you and you to know us. Our goal is to get the community connected, one family at a time. We are not perfect, and things go wrong at times. Just communicate with us, and we will do everything in our power to correct any issues. We want to get better every season, and we want you to have the best tasting, freshest produce that we can provide! Fresh not only tastes better, but it packs more nutrients! Eat fresh, eat healthy!

By paying for your plan or plans of choice, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions, and agree to be familiar with the FAQs and all additional information sent to you through emails throughout the season. You also agree to hold us harmless for any events that result in lost or damaged produce once it reaches the delivery area. You must notify us immediately if there are issues with produce that week. It is your responsibility to wash produce prior to preparing it, cooking it, and/or consuming any item delivered to you. You also understand that you are buying into a share of a local farm’s harvest where there are many external factors beyond our control. We agree to provide you with products that are available for distribution into the boxes each week through the season harvested from our farm and/or the farms of other local farmers with whom we work with. However as stated before, we cannot make any guarantees, warranties, or promises related to any crop or item as availability is subjected to the external factors that are beyond our control.


Once again, thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you during the 202 farm season!